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Chota Tingrai Tea Estate was established in 1943. It is located in the Tinsukia district, along with its satellite garden Tingamira. It produces all types of Assam teas and is known for its unique Japanese style Green teas, specialty teas and high quality organic teas. 

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Durrung Tea Estate is located in Sonitpur district. It was established in 1864, making it one of Assam's oldest tea estates.  Located in the Sonitpur District, Durrung is known for its premium quality Assam CTC teas. 

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Dinjoye Tea Estate was  established in 1923. It is  located in the Dibrugarh district and is our heritage property. Dinjoye produces 100% Assam orthodox teas. 

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Jalannagar South Tea Estate is located in Dibrugarh. In addition to its own production, it also works with local small growers to produce CTC teas. 


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